24 / 09 / 2010

From September 27 through October 1, Lesdrevmash'2010, the 13th International Exhibition for Machinery, Equipment, Fittings, Tools and Instruments for the Woodworking, Furniture, Timber, Pulp and Paper Industries, will take place in Moscow at Expocentre Fairgrounds in pavilions Nos. 2 and 8 as well as open-air sites.

The project is realized by Expocentre, ZAO and the Russian Union of Timber Industrialists and Exporters with the official support from EUMABOIS under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Moscow Government. The official partner is Centrelesexpo, OAO.

The exhibition carries the labels of UFI the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and the label of RUEF the Russian Union of Exhibitions and fairs for the high organization level and the substantial contribution to the industry development.

The exhibition has been held once in two years since 1973. This edition is the thirteenth.

Being the event of national level, the Lesdrevmash Exhibition reflects in detail peculiarities of Russian timber processing complex development, its tendencies, aims, problems and way for solving.

Timber processing complex of the Russian Federation supports machinery, mining industry, building, agriculture, and trade with its goods; and besides meets the population requirements of woodworks, and products of woodworking. New technologies and modern equipment should be introduced by Russian enterprises of timber processing complex in order to produce high-quality raw wood and products of woodworking.

This year there will be broadly introduced equipment and service for forestry and timber industry, manufacturing equipment for wood primary conversion and utilization, reworking of wood, main and supplementary equipment for pulp and paper manufacturing, equipment for goods preliminary installation and packing.

Specialists and quests of the exhibition will get acquainted with technical devices for transportation, warehousing, and kitting of products, machines for special kinds of processing and for manufacturing special kinds of goods. One can see among exponents- instruments for wood processing, products for machines' accessory, technical devices for wood waste recycling, energy production out of wood fuel, devices for energy saving, air conditioning, environment protection, organization of work safety, fire prevention, software, and many other things.

This year 500 companies and organizations from 21 countries are going to take part in the exhibition, among them there are the following countries:Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, China, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia, and Japan.

National expositions will present Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic and Finland.

The guarantee of exhibition stable success is the close cooperation between organizers and enterprises - leaders of the field, and also national associations and sectoral ministries: ACIMALL (Italy), AFEMMA (Spain), DREVMASH (Russia), the Ministry of Industry of the Czech Republic, the Russian Union of Timber Industrialists and Exporters (Russia), SYMOP (France), and VDMA (Germany).

The equipment will be demonstrated by such foreign countries as Barberan (Spain), Cehisa (Spain), Diefenbacher (Germany), Fresma (Spain) Homag (Germany), Kaimpex (Italy), Pallmann (Germany), SCM (Italy), Stromab (Italy), Wienig (Germany) and others.

The Exhibition gives impulse for development of domestic machinery enterprises for timber industry, directs them to equipment and instruments production which meet world quality and security standards.

There are presented such Russian participants as Bakaut, Borovichesky Zavod, DUNA-TECHNO, KAMI-DREV, MDM-TECHNO, Technokom-Yug, and many others. On the whole 200 domestic companies are supposed to take part in the exhibition.

Simultaneously with the Lesdrevmash'2010 Exhibition there will be held the 5th Forest and Mankind International Forum organized by the Russian Union of Timber Industrialists and Exporters with the partnership of Centrlesexpo, OAO, with the official support from the Government of the Russian Federation.

During the work of specialized sections professionals will discuss theoretical and practical issues of industry development which will facilitate technical re-equipment of Russian timber manufacturing industry and improve perspectives for Russian timber processing complex in the 21st century.

Information support of the exhibition is realized by specialized publications Derevo.Ru, LesPromInform.

The exhibition Lesdrevmash'2010 and events held in its frames give opportunities for major timber companies to demonstrate their achievements, exchange experience, set cooperation and establish business contacts, being one of the central events of Russian timber complex which define its perspectives.

Running: September 27 October 1, 2010
From 10.00 till 18.00
October 1: from 10.00 till 16.00