Product Sectors

Timber and logging industry

  • Logging machinery, equipment, tools and accessories
  • Vehicles for timber transport and handling, storage, logistics
  • Services for forest management and timber industry
  • Industrial information systems

Primary processing of wood and wood based materials (production of semi-finished products)

  • Round wood yard
  • Sawmill, equipment and machinery
  • Wood conditioning and wood moisture measuring equipment
  • Equipment for manufacture of various types of forest products

Secondary processing of wood and wood based materials (laminating, machining, gluing of solid timber)

  • Equipment, machinery, machining centres and tools for processing and conversion of wood and wood based materials
  • Aspiration systems

Surface finishing

  • Liquid finishing equipment (lacquering, etc.)
  • Equipment for surface finishing with solid materials
  • Equipment for pre-conditioning of wooden and wood panel surfaces
  • Finishing materials: lacquer, stain, glues, resins, polishes, treatment substances

Furniture production

  • Machinery, equipment and facilities for industrial furniture production
  • Tools for furniture production
  • Materials and fittings for furniture production
  • Automation systems

Pulp and paper production
Basic and auxiliary equipment for manufacture of

  • Pulp, paper, paperboard
  • Converted paper and board products
  • Fiberboards

Special product groups
Machine tools, equipment and gear for production of specialty wood products

  • Wood (frame) house construction
  • Joinery and timber construction elements
  • Floorings, parquet


  • Woodworking tools and auxiliaries
  • Machines, equipment and tools for maintenance and manufacturing of tools

Forest products

  • Sawn wood
  • Wood veneer, plywood, panels, boards: blockboards, chipboards, hardboards, laminated chipboards, medium density fiberboards, oriented strand boards
  • New materials, briquettes and pellets, semi-finished products
  • Laminate floorings, decorative paper, plastic, films

Bioenergy, energy saving, ecology

  • Generation of energy and heating using wood fuels
  • Equipment for manufacture of briquettes and pellets
  • Equipment for preparation, transportation and storage of residual wood
  • Energy saving, environmental protection, occupational safety, fire prevention
  • Use of residual wood

Computer-aided management

  • Electronic data acquisition and data processing equipment; measuring, testing, control and adjustment devices
  • Independently designed software (applications, packages) for CAD, control systems, diagnostics, etc.
  • Robotics
  • Independent engineering and other services for the woodworking and furniture industries

Research and vocational education

  • Research institutes
  • Supervision agencies
  • Schools for the woodworking and furniture industries

Publishing houses specializing in woodworking and furniture production