Post Show Report Lesdrevmash 2020

06 / 11 / 2020

18th International Exhibition for Machinery, Equipment and Technology

for Logging, Woodworking and Furniture Industries

Lesdrevmash 2020 was a long-awaited meeting of professionals of the woodworking, logging and furniture industries. This year was the first time that Lesdrevmash was part of a new major project, Russian Industrial Week, which brought together three international exhibitions and several congresses and other events. Apart from Lesdrevmash 2020, the week included the Technoforum 2020 International Exhibition for Equipment and Technology for Materials Processing and the Rusweld 2020 International Exhibition for Welding and Cutting, Equipment, Technologies and Materials.

Dates: 1922 October 2020

Venue: EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Supported by EUMABOIS the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Wooden Housing Association, the Drevmash Russian Association of Organisations and Enterprises of Woodworking Machine Building, and the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Exhibition partner country: Japan (you can see products and services of 16 Japanese manufacturers at the website launched by Japan Woodworking Machinery Association (JWMA) jointly with machinery manufacturers and the Japan Association for Trade with Russia & NIS (ROTOBO)

Exhibition partner: Biesse (Italy), professional woodworking machinery, high-precision machinery and solutions for the furniture and wood construction industries

General media partner: the LesPromInform magazine

Exhibitors: 100+ companies from Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. Thanks to cooperation with regional centres, companies from Arkhangelsk, Bryansk, Tver, Vladimir and Yaroslavl oblasts, and the Republic of Karelia took part in the exhibition.

Exhibiting companies: Felder, Koimpex, Moldow, Mühlbock-Vanicek, Ponsse, Festool, Polytechnik, Leitz, Ambitech, Griggio Centre, Sagedoktor, Kami, Kovrov Boylers, Ledinek Engineering, Liga, LTT, MDM-Techno, Nevskiye Technologies-Engineering, etc.

International pavilions: Germany (Amandus Kahl, Vollmer, Fagus Grecon, Mӧhringer, Kündig, Stela, WEINIG)

Types of products on display: equipment for logging, timber transportation, handling and storage, equipment for furniture manufacturing, wood house construction machinery, sawmilling equipment, wood conditioning equipment and drying chambers, woodworking technology and equipment, machine and hand tools, sharpening equipment, control means, etc.   

Event programme

One of the most important events was the 2nd Forum on Forestry Machine Building (Lesmashforum 2020). The forum participants included representatives of the Russian authorities, professional associations of the machine tool industry, scientific community, and forest machine building enterprises. They discussed issues related to systemic problems in the development of the timber industry, use of technology, machinery and equipment, and training of personnel and researchers for the industry.

Other events included the 12th International Congress and Conference on Biofuel Bioenergy: Biofuel CHP and Boilers, Production of Pellets, Briquettes and Wood Chips, the Panel on Logging Waste: Problems and Solutions, the Plitprom 2020 Conference: Markets in the Time of Covid-19, and the Conference on Recycling of Furniture, Slab Materials and Woodworking Products The New Life of an Old Wardrobe. 

A joint meeting on the relevant problems of the timber industry was organised by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia, and Russian Export Center AO with support of EXPOCENTRE AO.

On every day of Lesdrevmash 2020 young professionals took part in qualifying competitions in the Cabinetmaking and Carpentry skills for the right to be included in the enlarged Russian national WorldSkills team.

The center of folk arts and crafts Weliy organised a skills showcase for wood carvers. The center provides assistance in training and employment of people with visual impairment. Lesdrevmash 2020 offered the centers clients a perfect platform for socializing, selling their products, and establishing cooperation with exhibitors.

To learn more about these and other events, go to>>.

The next 19th edition of the exhibition, Lesdrevmash 2022, will run at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds from 12 through 15 September 2022.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO