The only daily media of the Lesdremash exhibition Lesnaya Industriya.Daily - 1 at Lesdrevmash

12 / 10 / 2016

Lesnaya Industriya. DailyMoscow, October 12, 2016 The only official daily newsletter of Lesdrevmash exhibition Lesnaya Industriya. Daily will be published at the Lesdrevmash exhibition for the second time in a row. The most popular media at the exhibition is back!

The new issue of the Lesnaya Industriya.Daily will be published every day with circulation 3.000 copies per day. The new day the new issue of the newsletter. There will be published 12,000 copies in 4 days the biggest media circulation at Lesdrevmash. Lesnaya Industriya.Daily is the ONLY exhibition media that will be distributed every day.

The brand new day the brand new issue with the latest news from the exhibition, reports from the events of the Media Center, the Event Programme and the Forest and Man International forum, updates and reviews of new products. In the every issue will be published useful articles about reforestation, bioenergy, woodworking machines, wood raw materials, wooden panels, sawn timber and the main trends in the timber industry.

Every day our journalists will be working hard in the effort to create the best content at the exhibition. They will be working in the thick of things, making great articles for the every visitor of the trade fair. Here and now.

The Lesnaya Industiya. Daily has the BEST distribution at the Lesdrevmash exhibition at registration desks, in the every hall of the every pavilion of the trade fair, in the Media Center, at the every event everywhere. There will be no visitor without his copy of the newsletter. No other media has such large-scale distribution channels at the Lesdrevmash trade fair. They are not even close.

The online version of the newsletter will be published at

The Newsletter Lesnaya Indsutriya. Daily is the unique opportunity to promote new products, which will be presented at the Lesdrevmash trade fair. Its the best way to attract the audiences attention to your great technologies.

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The Media Center of the Lesdrevmash-2016 exhibition provides the continuous flow of information about the exhibition and its participants, organizes press-events, produces photo and video reports, twitter translations and publishes the official daily newsletter Lesnaya Industriya. The Media Center is created by the editors of the Lesnaya Industriya trade journal (the part of the Next Business Media group) and supported by the Comitee of the Lesdrevmash exhibition and JSC Expocenter.