Kovrovskye Kotly presents new product at Lesdrevmash 2016 Geyser-Energy automatic boilers

16 / 08 / 2016

The boiler manufacturer Kovrovskye Kotly will showcase the latest solutions used in its line of wood fired boilers.

The latest product of the company is boilers of the Geyser-Energy series, which operate in a fully automatic mode even with continuously changing level of humidity and fraction in fuel. Such boilers also adapt without any extra command to changing workload, which is especially relevant for operation together with drying chambers.

Moreover, the company experts will show the advantages and specifics of other boiler products such as hot-water boilers Geyser-Biomasse, fallow boilers Geyser-Biosteam, thermo-oil boiler Geyser-Thermooil with unit capacity of from 300 to 20,000 kw.

We are glad to invite you to visit the Kovrovskye Kotly stand No.21A75 to see new products of the company.


For more than 15 years, Kovrovskye Kotly makes boiler rooms with boilers working on solid biopropellants such as wood chips, sawdust, cortex, waste of LDSP AND MDF. The plant includes three production facilities with the total area of seven hectares. They accommodate eight workshops equipped with AMADA, IPG, MAROVIL, HYPERTHERM, LORCH, EWM, SELCO, CEBORA, and WEGA. Kovrovskye Kotly specializes in design, manufacture and delivery of boiler machines of different types, set-up, adjustment, and maintenance. The companys affiliate K-Module manufactures prefabricated demountable modular buildings.