LesnayaIndustriya, Russian timber trade magazine, will publish daily newsletter during Lesdrevmash

03 / 07 / 2014

The leading Russian timber trade magazine LesnayaIndustriya will publish daily newsletter LesnayaIndustriya.Daily during the Lesdrevmash'2014 exhibition, according to Lesdrevmash.

The LesnayaIndustriya.Daily newsletter will be issued every day in the morning to be distributed to all participants and visitors to exhibition from 20 to 23 October 2014. The newsletter will publish CEOs' interviews, event reports and announcements of trade fair events.

The LesnayaIndustriya editorial office will work every day at the Lesdrevmash exhibition.

The editors will be preparing the news every day. It means that every morning exhibitors and visitors will find new information in the fresh LesnayaIndustriya.Daily.

The total circulation will be 12,000 copies. Special distributors will ensure the delivery of the latest issue of newsletter to every visitor. Newsletters will be daily distributed to all stands.