Post Show Report Lesdrevmash 2022

06 / 10 / 2022

19th International Exhibition for Machinery, Equipment and Technology for Logging, Woodworking and Furniture Industries

The 19th edition of the International Exhibition for Machinery, Equipment and Technology for Logging, Woodworking and Furniture Industries, Lesdrevmash 2022, took place at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia, on 1215 September 2022.

The show was an important event for companies from all segments of the woodworking industry, furniture manufacturers, producers of woodworking machines and equipment, tool and spare parts, paint, packaging, biofuel technology, and robotics.

Compared to 2020, the exhibition area has increased by 70%, and in terms of the number of machines, the show exceeded the figures for 2018. There were 1,720 tonnes of equipment on display at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. Almost all of the machines were demonstrated in operation.

Sergey Selivanov, First Deputy Director General at EXPOCENTRE AO

In today's conditions the exhibition is one of the most effective mechanisms for finding new business partners, developing industrial cooperation, international and interregional cooperation, and establishing new supply chains when a number of large foreign companies leave the Russian market.

Oleg Bocharov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Lesdrevmash is the right platform for the timber industry to address specific business challenges, form a consolidated agenda for industry development, and establish cooperation with new partners. The show demonstrates the best machinery and advanced equipment for logging, woodworking and furniture production.

Dates: 1215 September 2022

Venue: EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Supported by EUMABOIS the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Drevmash Russian Association of Organisations and Enterprises of Woodworking Machine Building, the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia, the Lestech Association, the Russian Association of Robotics

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

General media partner: the LesPromInform magazine

Attendance: 6,560 visitors from 32 countries and 75 regions of Russia  

Exhibitors: 161 companies

Countries: 15 (Russia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, China, Czechia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkiye, the USA)

Russian regional group stands and pavilions: Arkhangelsk, Kirov, Kostroma, Moscow, Novgorod, Vladimir, Vologda oblasts, Krasnoyarsk krai, and the Republic of Karelia

Russian exhibitors: Altailestehmash, Atlasmash, Bazis Centre, Griggio Centre, Sagedoktor, Intervesp, KAMI, Camozzi Pnevmatika, Kovrovskie Kotly, Komkont, Liga, Makil Plus, Masterwood-Stanki, Opttorgservice, Perun Stankocenter, Rona Service, Spetstekhuniversal, Stankoles-Trade, Stankom, Taifun Rus, Sapem-Invest, Topstanki, Tver Industrial Company, Energoteh, etc.

Foreign exhibitors: Homag, Felder Group, Mühlböck-Vanicek, Imas Aeromeccanica s.r.l., Secal s.r.l., KDT, Ledinek, Leuco, Leitz, Nanxing, Paolino Bacci, Polytechnik, C.Gunnarssons Verkstads AB, Foreziene, Firefly AB, Üstünkarli, Woodtec, etc.

Newcomers: Agroplast, Altervia, Green Tools, Ditec, NeuroWood, Special Off-Road Systems, Technostankostroy (Belarus), Topol-R, TKS, Spectr Wood, Homa, Ecocarbon, Edda (Turkiye), Serhat Makina (Turkiye), Smarty Wood Scanning (Slovenia), etc.

Types of products on display: equipment for logging, sawmilling, wood panel production, woodworking technology and equipment, wood housing construction machinery, equipment for furniture manufacturing, automation, bioenergy, packaging, tools, paints and varnishes, etc. 

Conference Programme

The Agroprodmash conference programme included 13 major events with representatives of governmental and non-governmental organisations and executives from leading companies in the timber industry.

The speakers presented reports on the most relevant issues and discussed business development in the new economic environment.

For the first time, a three-day WoodWorld 2022 the Forum of the Timber Companies took place within Lesdrevmash. It included the Conference on the Trends in the Wooden Board Sector Against the Backdrop of Restricted Supplies to the European Market, the 13th International Congress and Conference on Biofuel Bioenergy: Biofuel CHP and Boilers, Production of Pellets, Briquettes and Wood Chips, and the Conference on Sawn Timber Market in Recovery: Export, Consumption, Production. 

The event that opened the conference programme was the Plenary Session on Adaptation of the Russian Timber Industry to New Conditions: Supply Chains, Directions of Development, Financial Situation with leading experts, heads of industry associations, and market analysts.

Marina Zotova, Senior Analyst at WhatWood Agency, spoke about the state of the timber industry in the first seven months of this year. 

Timur Irtuganov, General Director at the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia, spoke in detail about the situation in the furniture and wood-based panels market.

Participants also discussed prospects for timber housing construction, the pellet market and the first results of the introduction of a Russian certification system.

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The ProDerevo information and analytical portal and the LesPromInform magazine organised the hybrid Conference on the Trends in the Wooden Board Sector Against the Backdrop of Restricted Supplies to the European Market.

Mikhail Dmitriev, Director at the ProDerevo portal, moderated the event. He noted that the timber and board sector was in a difficult situation. Its problems should be actively worked on with trade missions and foreign trading companies.

As part of the presentation, Elizaveta Dukhovnaya, Senior Analyst at WhatWood, shared her findings on the state of the wood-based panel and plywood industry, export challenges and domestic market opportunities.

Andrey Pecherin, Deputy Head at the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Vietnam, spoke in detail about the woodworking situation in Vietnam and prospects for cooperation with the Russian woodworking industry.

Mamed Akhmedov, an expert from the export support group of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in India, spoke about the possibility of supplying timber products to India.

The speakers exchanged views on export of plywood in the new reality and the market of formwork and monolithic construction.

The Panel Discussion on Furniture Supply Localisation in Russia: Segments, Technology, Opportunities and Prospects, organised by FCProject and EXPOCENTRE AO, was devoted to the promotion of deep processing equipment, localisation of supplies for federal and regional chains, scarce commodity items in matrices, various aspects of pricing.

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An important part of the Lesdrevmash 2022 conference programme was the 3rd Forum of the Russian Forest Engineering dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship and education in the field of technological equipment for the forestry sector. The event was organised by the Drevmash Russian Association of Organisations and Enterprises of Woodworking Machine Building and EXPOCENTRE AO.

The forum participants discussed new trends in the development of the Russian forestry machinery industry, measures of state support for Russian manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the forestry sector, and the need for machinery for forestry. It was also discussed how Russian colleges and universities can increase the number of professionals who develop forestry machinery and equipment, and the consolidation of enterprises and organisations in the industry for joint problem solving.

According to the events moderator, Vladimir Gorbenko, Drevmash Director General, the import dependency of the forestry sector is over 90%. Reducing import dependence is the task of those who are directly related to the forest machine industry.

Other reports were made by Director at the Interindustry Institute of Further Education and Associate Professor at the Kirov St. Petersburg Forestry University Vladimir Katsadze, Associate Professor at the Forestry Technology Department of the Kirov St. Petersburg State Forestry University Fyodor Svoykin, General Director at the State Research Centre for the Timber Industry Vladimir Kondratyuk, Head of the Centre for Development of Priority Unmanned Technologies in the Forestry Sector Mikhail Konyushenkov, and other experts.

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On the second day of WoodWorld 2022, IAA INFOBIO hold the 13th International Congress and Conference on Biofuel Bioenergy: Biofuel CHP and Boilers, Production of Pellets, Briquettes and Wood Chips. The main sections of the congress were dedicated to the topics of biofuel boilers, biochar and briquette production, and new opportunities of the wood pellet market. 

Biofuel Potential in Energy Technology Solutions for Energy Security of Russian Regions was the topic of another panel organised by the Russian Energy Agency, the Russian Ministry of Energy and EXPOCENTRE AO. The speakers included Sergey Titov, Deputy Head of the Department of Energy Security and Infrastructure of the Fuel and Energy Sector of the Russian Energy Agency, Georgy Ryabov, Doctor of Science (Engineering), Head of Laboratory for special boilers of All-Russia Thermal Engineering Institute, and Igor Isaev, designer and developer of innovative small-scale steam driven technology.

Experts highlighted, in particular, the contribution of wood biofuels to secure local energy supplies, affordable cogeneration from combustion of woody biomass in small-scale plants, and the rational diversification of fuel and energy mixes with bioenergy resources in developing energy infrastructure.

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A great interest of the professional audience was generated by the industry event on the promotion of timber and furniture enterprises the PRo Timber Industry Conference. The event was organised by the Lestech Association of Timber Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers, the MediaWood PR agency, EXPOCENTRE AO. According to Alexander Tambi, Head of the Lestech Association, the main task of timber enterprises today is to find new sales markets.

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The Special Session on Robotics in the Timber Industry was moderated by Executive Director at the Russian Association of Robotics Olga Mudrova. She believes that robotisation is what will help the timber industry to increase the volume of production in the Russian market, stimulating domestic demand.

The session featured practical cases of robotic systems implementation in timber companies, solutions for furniture production robotisation, issues of industrial electronics maintenance, and specifics of new generation robotic equipment design.

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The Conference on Sawn Timber Market in Recovery: Export, Consumption, Production took place on the third day of WoodWorld 2022.

Igor Novoselov, an expert of the WhatWood forest industry analytics agency, cited data on the state of the sawn timber market. Foreign experts from Singapore, China and Morocco provided up-to-date information on the prospects for the lumber market in their countries by video link. During the conference, the issues of export and zero customs duties on Russian sawn timber in Iran and Indonesia were discussed.

A meeting of the Scientific and Methodological Council on the Forestry Industry was devoted to the current issues of forestry education development, formation of modern educational standards and educational programmes. Deputy Chairman of NMC Evgeny Shcherbakov spoke about the work and objectives of the Council, as well as the dynamics of admission to education and training for the forestry sector.  

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The Panel on the Russian Furniture Industry under Conditions of Technology and Materials Shortages: a Discussion among Professionals was organised by FCProject and EXPOCENTRE AO.  Experts from woodworking companies such as LPK, TBM, Sloros and LIGA exchanged views on the effective substitution of imported scarce items in woodworking equipment and tools.

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The programme was concluded with the Expert Advisory Council on the Timber Industry: Prospects for the Development of the Timber Industry of the Russian Federation in the Modern Conditions and Ways of Their Implementation in Forestry Machinery and Machine Tool Building. The event was organised by the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia and EXPOCENTRE AO.

Chair at the Council and member of the Russian Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management Tatiana Gigel stressed that Lesdrevmash and the events held on its platform allow for a complete analysis of the timber industry. It is an opportunity for managers to show what they have achieved and also to highlight the problems that need to be solved.

The discussion participants also included Deputy Director at the Machine Tool and Heavy Engineering Department of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Yuri Kuznetsov, General Director at the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia Timur Irtuganov, Chair of the Board at Bumprom RAO Yuri Lakhtikov, and other experts.

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The success of Lesdrevmash 2022 and the events of its conference programme is confirmed not only by objective facts, but also by the feedback of both exhibitors and visitors.

We would like to express special thanks to the LesPromInform magazine, the Lesdrevmash 2022 general media partner, for its professional support.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the next 20th edition of the exhibition, Lesdrevmash 2024, which will run at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds from 9 through 12 September 2024.

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