Supporting events of Lesdrevmash 2022 cover a wide range of topics

13 / 09 / 2022

The Panel on Relevant Issues of Import Substitution in the Timber Industry was held as part of the conference programme of the Lesdrevmash 2022 international exhibition at Expocentre Fairgrounds. The event was organised by the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia, Bumprom and EXPOCENTRE AO.

The panel was attended by the heads of the leading industry associations and companies, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and relevant organisations. They discussed ensuring the uninterrupted operation of equipment at lumber companies by setting up production facilities to manufacture spare parts, components and other issues.  

As Timur Irtuganov, Director General of the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia, noted when opening the meeting, the topic of import substitution is especially relevant today for the woodworking industry, since many Western companies, who are used to being relied on as major suppliers of modern equipment, are limiting their activities in the Russian Federation.  "Now the number one task is to understand what state support measures currently exist. The second one is to understand what is the situation with the huge technological fleet of the foreign equipment which the timber companies currently have and on the operation of which they seriously depend. And its uninterrupted operation requires service, supply of components, parts and new supplies of equipment", stated the head of the Association.

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Biofuel Potential in Energy Technology Solutions for Energy Security of Russian Regions was the topic of another panel organised by the Russian Energy Agency, the Russian Ministry of Energy and EXPOCENTRE AO. The speakers included Sergey Titov, Deputy Head of the Department of Energy Security and Infrastructure of the Fuel and Energy Sector of the Russian Energy Agency, Georgy Ryabov, Doctor of Science (Engineering), Head of Laboratory for special boilers of All-Russia Thermal Engineering Institute, and Igor Isaev, designer and developer of innovative small-scale steam driven technology.

Experts highlighted, in particular, the contribution of wood biofuels to secure local energy supplies, affordable cogeneration from combustion of woody biomass in small-scale plants, and the rational diversification of fuel and energy mixes with bioenergy resources in developing energy infrastructure.

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A great interest of the professional audience was aroused by the industry event on the promotion of timber and furniture enterprises - PRo Timber Industry Conference. The event was organised by the Lestech Association of Timber Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers, the MediaWood PR agency, EXPOCENTRE AO.

According to Alexander Tambi, Head of the Lestech Association, the main task of timber enterprises today is to find new sales markets, and here the issues of PR, promotion and access to information about the volumes and types of products manufactured come to the fore.  Other speakers also spoke about the importance of work at information platforms for forest industry enterprises, as well as their use of such business development tools as exhibitions and congress events. 

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The Specialised Session on Robotisation of the Timber Industry became an interesting and important industry event within the Lesdrevmash 2022 conference programme.  

The session was moderated by Olga Mudrova, Executive Director of the Russian Association of Robotics. It is robotisation, she is convinced, that can help the timber industry to increase the volume of products produced in the Russian market, stimulating domestic demand. Robotisation is the direction and opportunities for automation which give guaranteed product quality and guaranteed production volumes, the expert explained.

The session featured practical cases of robotic systems implementation in timber companies, solutions for furniture production robotisation, issues of industrial electronics maintenance, peculiarities of new generation robotic equipment design.

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Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO