Made in Germany is coming to Russia

23 / 08 / 2018

Eurotech and its partner, Hartmann Handelsgesellschaft, at Lesdrevmash in Moscow

On October 22-25, 2018 the vacuum specialist Eurotech Vertriebs GmbH will present its products at Lesdrevmash in Moscow, the international trade fair for machinery, equipment and technology for logging, woodworking and furniture industries. Eurotech will showcase an excerpt from its product portfolio at its joint booth with Hartmann Handelsgesellschaft GmbH. The German company, headquartered in Geislingen near Balingen, will demonstrate its long-standing vacuum expertise with a lifting device, tube lifter and several vacuum components at the event in Russia.

The eT-Hover-allround will represent the full range of Eurotech lifting devices before an international audience. It handles vacuum-tight objects such as wood panels, glass panels, sheet metals and plastic panels weighing up to 500 kilograms in many different ways. The multi-talented vacuum lifter can do more than just vertical and horizontal lifting. Its lifting functions can be combined with swivelling movements from a horizontal to a vertical position by up to 90. Combined with an electric rotary drive, the lifting device can rotate loads infinitely by 360 without stops. This allows you to realise the full range of lifting and positioning movements.

An eT-Lift tube lifter will be presented at the fair to illustrate the productivity of Eurotech further. The Eurotech eT-Lift tube lifters are versatile lifting and positioning devices that are suitable for almost any application. They simplify work wherever loads wooden, plastic, metal boards or glass panes need to be lifted quickly, easily and flexibly, moved from one storage location to another, rotated, stacked or consigned for shipment. You can effortlessly switch between loads thanks to a wide range of change tools and a quick-change mechanism on each eT-Lift. The series consists of multiple device models. Its smaller devices can handle loads such as furniture parts or cardboard boxes weighing from 20 to 65 kilograms. The larger models have carrying capacities from 30 to 250 kilograms.

The Eurotech trade fair booth also showcases a variety of vacuum components. Interested visitors can learn about the large Eurotech portfolio of suction cups including everything from suction plates to flat suction cups and bellow suction cups.

The company conveniently offers complete solutions from a single source to provide its customers with the best possible service. Upon request, Eurotech supplies not just the handling device but also the required chain hoists with frequency converters and integrates them into the control system. The same applies to any crane systems that might be necessary.

Image 1: The eT-Hover-allround easily swivels and turns panels.

Image 2: The eT-Lift tube lifter is an ideal lifting and positioning aid for handling panels and other objects.