"The Lesdrevmash Exhibition is the oldest trade fair of state-of-the-art machinery both Russian and foreign-made. That is why all leading manufacturers of wood products from all over Russia try and come to this event.
We have participated in this exhibition for 20 years. And we believe that it is here where the most important talks with clients are held. It is here, at the Lesdrevmash Exhibition, where the most important contracts are signed. It is the place for leading manufacturers for primary and deep wood processing equipment meet",

Yuriy Khokhlov, Technical Director of the KAMI Corporation

"We participate in the Lesdrevmash Exhibition because now we are actively entering the market",
Vladimir Bezrukikh, general Director of Baltkotlomash OOO

"We received specific enquiries during the exhibition. Our exhibition sample was sold right from the start to a furniture manufacture",
Oleg Volokitin, Engineer, Scheuch GmbH

"During Lesdrevmash, we showcase our new equipment. It hasn't existed event several weeks ago",
Vitaliy Skvirskiy, President of GK VITA group

"The exhibition has shown that some activity had started. Clients asked specific questions. There is a willingness to satisfy demands for quality and state-of-the-art equipment that was put at the backburner during the crisis",
Oleg Novikov, General Director of Spice AG

"Together with the most popular and demanded machine tool models, we also demonstrated a new one to all the Lesdrevmash visitors",
Anatoliy Butusov, Director of High Point OOO