The September-scheduled “Lesdrevmash-2006” – the 11th international exhibition of mission platforms, machinery, industrial vehicles, appliances, tools and assorted instruments designed for operators dealing in logging, pulp and paper, lumber processing and furniture manufacturing industries – had been effectively run and completed with flying colors.

The Exhibition was arranged by ZAO “Expocentr”, with relevant support and participation coming from the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, Russian Union of Timber Operators and Lumber Exporters, OAO “Centrlesexpo”, all-Russian public association of furniture manufacturers and traders “Mebelshchiki Rossii” and “Roslesmash” association of machine builders in support of timber and lumber operators. Notably, the Exhibition enjoyed patronage from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Government of Moscow.

Just to remind, “Lesdrevmash” has been recipient of the UFI (Global Association of Industry Exhibitors) and RUEF (Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs) awards.

From its very inception in 1973 “Lesdrevmash” has been one of the larger East-European-based exhibitions covering the woodworking sector. Obviously, the Exhibition’s superior standing has primarily been coming from its arrangers maintaining and developing close cooperative links with the timber industry leaders.

Notably, since 1994 the Exhibition has been run as a biannual affair scheduled for even-numbered years. “Lesdrevmash-2006” carried the best specimens of timber-geared machinery and platforms from more than 600 companies scattered around 28 world countries, with the larger operators including Altendorf, Akzo Nobel, Biele S.A., Binos, Dieffenbacher, Henkel, Homag Gus, IMA, Kesla, Metso, Siempelkamp, Specta, Weinig Gruppe and a few other high-visibility firms.

Display stands featured top-of-the-line industrial assemblies, lines and appliances designed to support a multitude of wood-processing and woodworking tasks. Nearby open-air grounds carried a range of dedicated logging and stacking platforms, just as easily deployable field lumber yards.

National exhibit areas had been maintained by participants from Germany, Italy, Finland, France and the Czech Republic.

To underscore, the Exhibition had enjoyed a good deal of backing from the relevant industry associations representing France, Finland and the Czech Republic.

Best accomplishments in the business of refitting and upgrading their operation had been demonstrated by such Russian and other CIS-based companies as Agraf-Tekhno, Borovichi Woodworking Machine Building Plant, NPO Bars, Zaporozhye Abrasive Materials Plant, Intervesp, Kami-Stankoagregat, Maikop Mashine Building Plant, Minsk Tractor Assembly Plant, Onega Tractor Assembly Plant, Roslesmash Association and numerous other firms and organizations.

Importantly, the total of Russian participants in the last event had jumped by 15% over the previous affair, with the numbers of “Lesdrevmash-2006” visitors reaching beyond 30,000, the number clearly standing for an absolute record level ever achieved in the Exhibition’s history. Evidently, these achievements have been indicative of “Lesdrevmash” confidently marching forward in good stride.

The Exhibition’s footprint reached 12,346 square meters, according to the audit run by OOO “RussComm IT Systems”.

Lesdrevmash-2006” introduced the segment “Wooden Housing Construction” expressly arranged with due regard for the challenges stipulated by the national program “Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Russian Citizens”.

Also, the Exhibition saw ZAO “Expocentr” and “DEREVO.RU” magazine joining forces for the first time in order to hand over the Best Debutant Performer” prizes that went to: Biomag Ekotekhnologii, Drevmashservice, Sibwest, Expotrade (Russia); WRAVOR D.O.O. (Slovenia); Zaporozhye Abrasive Materials Plant (Ukraine); OFA OY AB, OY SISU AUTO TRUCKS AB (Finland); ITALPAK (Estonia), OI SESAKUSHO CO., LTD (Japan).

To point out, “Lesdrevmash-2006” featured the industry-wide exhibit area for research & development centers and educational institutions “Science and Education to Timber Sector”.

Prizes had been handed over to the best exhibitors participating in the competition “Timber Industry Innovative Applications and Solutions”. Importantly, superior achievements in developing new technologies had been demonstrated by the Maikop Machine Building Plant, Minsk Tractor Assembly Plant, Onega Tractor Assembly Plant, Solombala Machine Building Plant.

To emphasize, “Lesdrevmash-2006” had effectively enabled domestic and foreign operators to show their new products, exchange experiences, establish contacts or build up collaborative links.

September 13-15, 2006, participants attended the 3rd international forum “Forest and Mankind: Rational Uses of Forest Resources. State of Health and Prospects for Russian Timber Sector into the XXIst Century” – a crucial event for the entire industry.

Understandably, the forum had been put together in order to help promote the ongoing effort to get the Russian timber sector effectively integrated in the global forestry community. The Forum had been arranged by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Russian Union of Businessmen and Entrepreneurs (Employers), Russian Union of Timber Operators and Lumber Exporters, ZAO “Expocentr” and OAO “Centrlesexpo” – timber industry exhibition company. Also, a good deal of official backing and involvement had come from the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, Roslesmash association of machine builders operating in support of the timber industry, and GNC LPK (state-owned research & development center for timber complex engagements).

Importantly, attending the 3rd international Forum “Forest and Humankind” had been numerous government officials, federal agency principals, governors, representatives from the provinces and industry associations, members of the leading research centers and educational institutions, just as experts and managers from national business communities out of Russia, other CIS countries, Baltics and far-abroad lands.

The Forum’s plenary session featured à presentation by I. Materov (Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation) on the current status and prospects for development of the Russian timber complex.

Importantly, the Forum addressed disparate issues related to rational uses of forest resources, status and prospects for the Russian timber complex well into the XXIst century, global trends in the development of forestry activities and timber operations, the latter topic being discussed by participants attending dedicated panels that happened to cover the following five areas: “Sustainable Development Challenges Faced by Timber Sector”; “Pulp and Paper Industry Growth Issues: New Prospects, New Markets”; “Major Timber Sector Development Opportunities for Education, Science and Social Areas”; “Legal and Regulatory Support for Pressing Tasks Pursued by Forestry and Timber Activities”; “New Challenges and Solutions for Wooden Housing Construction Projects”.

Given that the Exhibition and Forum could be held concurrently at one and the same venue, the attending timber professionals had been effectively enabled to debate theoretical and practical questions of sector development, the circumstance clearly serving to help refit the Russian timber industry and improve prospects for further expansion of the timber industry-related operations well into the XXIst century.

To conclude, before we meet again at the 12th international exhibition “Lesdrevmash” scheduled for September 1-5, 2008, on the grounds of the “EXPOCENTR” Central Exhibition Complex, we are looking forward to seeing you attend the May 28 – June 1, 2007, “Lesprombiznes-2007” international exhibition.