Web catalogue 2014


Phone: +34 (943) 15-70-50
Address: Larrañaga Industrialdea 1, 20738 Urrestilla (Azpeitia), Spain
E-mail: biele@biele.com
Web: http://www.biele.com
Country: Spain

The Biele Wood division specialize in the design and manufacture of automation solutions for industrial wood processes. From the initial manufacturing process for panels and boards and their subsequent processing or coating, to the final manufacturing stage of doors, parquet or furniture. Biele Wood offers automation solutions for the following industrial wood processes: 1. Plywood Manufacturing Lines. 2. Laminate Panels Manufacturing Lines. 3. Three Layer Board & Solid Wood. 4. Lightboard & Sandwich Panels. 5. Particle Board, Panel Coating & Upgrading. 6. Door Manufacturing Lines. 7. Flooring Manufacturing Lines. 8. Furniture Manufacturing Lines. 9. Press Manufacturing Lines.